KOIKEYA - STRONG Consommé Chips 55g


Koikeya's STRONG crisp range has been gaining in popularity in Japan over the past few years and is available in a variety of flavours.

The Japanese company Koikeya specialises in the production of snacks, especially crisps.

KOIKEYA - STRONG Consommé Chips 55g

Ingredients: potatoes (grown in Japan, non-GM), vegetable oil, sugar, spices (including soya), protein hydrolysate (including soya), salt, meat extract seasoning powder (including dairy ingredients, wheat, beef, sesame, soya, chicken and pork), oligosaccharide, kelp, shiitake mushroom extract powder, yeast extract powder, oil powder, flavour oil (containing wheat and soya), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), paprika colour, extract, and salt. ), paprika colouring, spice extract, sweetener (stevia), flavouring (soy)

JAN: 4514410168473

Data sheet

Taste Salty
Size Medium
Difficulty of preparation Ready to use

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