CALBEE - Pizza Potato Chips - Smoky Teriyaki 73g


Calbee's pizza chips are very popular in Japan and come in a variety of flavours.

The Japanese company Calbee is one of Japan's most famous snack companies.

CALBEE - Pizza Potato Chips - Smoky Teriyaki 73g

Ingredients: potatoes (Japanese or American), vegetable oil, cheese flavoured flakes, soy sauce powder (including wheat and soy), chicken powder (including pork), salt, starch, sugar, protein hydrolysate, cheese, powdered yeast extract, powdered kelp extract, cooked seaweed, seasoned animal oil and fat, vegetable oil and fat powder, milk based, seasoning (amino acid etc.), flavouring, emulsifier, colour (caramel, carotenoid), sweetener (sucralose, stevia), starch

JAN: 4901330581435

Data sheet

Taste Salty
Size Medium
Difficulty of preparation Ready to use

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