HOUSE FOODS - Grated Ginger 160g


Ginger, called "shoga" in Japan, is an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine. It can be found in all supermarkets in various forms: in tubes (as a condiment for somens, cold tofu and raw fish), in sauces (for meat dishes), or in marinated strips (as an accompaniment to sushi, yakisobas, etc.).

The House Foods brand is extremely popular for all its food products in Japan.

No coloring.

HOUSE FOODS - Grated Ginger 160g

Ingredients: ginger, salt, vinegar, sorbitol, thickener (processed starch), alcohol, acidifier, stabilizer (xanthan gum), flavour, spice extract

JAN: 0000045140143

Data sheet

Taste Spicy
Size Familial
Difficulty of preparation Ready to use

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