YAOKIN - Umaibo - Shrimp & Mayonnaise x30


The Japanese company Yaokin has created the very popular "Umaibo" snacks, whose name means "delicious stick". These are popcorn sticks that come in a variety of flavours.

Made in Japan.

YAOKIN - Umaibo - Shrimp & Mayonnaise x 30

Ingredients: corn (from the USA, not genetically modified), vegetable oil, sugar (glucose, sugar), mayonnaise seasoning, shrimp powder, spices, protein hydrolysate, breadcrumbs, yeast extract powder, salt/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), flavour, acidity, sweetener (sucralose), contains wheat, eggs, milk, shrimp, soy and chicken

Data sheet

Taste Salty
Size Small
Difficulty of preparation Ready to use

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