S&B - Yuzu & green pepper condiment 40g


The yuzu, fruit of the yuzu tree, is a rather acidic citrus fruit from eastern Asia and mainly consumed in Japan. It can be picked green for its zest or yellow for its juice and zest. Yuzu is used in all its forms (zest, juice, flower, as a condiment, etc.) in a wide range of preparations, from beverages to prepared dishes.

This yuzu and green pepper paste can be used as a condiment with yose nabe and mizutaki (two Japanese fondues), with gyozas, yakitoris, in pasta and noodles or even with steak.

The S&B brand is extremely popular for all its food products in Japan.

S&B - Yuzu & green pepper condiment 40g

Ingredients: yuzu, green pepper, salt, sorbit, cellulose, ethyl alcohol, flavour, E415, gardenia pigment

JAN: 4901002087067

Data sheet

Taste Spicy
Size Small
Difficulty of preparation Ready to use

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