HOUSE FOODS - Premium Karashi (Japanese mustard) 42g


Karashi is a type of mustard used in Japanese (and Korean) cuisine as a condiment or seasoning. This Japanese mustard is made from crushed seeds of a plant nicknamed "brown mustard" or "Chinese mustard". Usually sold in powder or tube form, its taste is close to European mustard, but more powerful.

This premium karashi is carefully selected. It has an authentic taste and is made without any added coloring.

The House Foods brand is extremely popular for all its food products in Japan.

HOUSE FOODS - Premium Karashi (Japanese mustard) 42g

Ingredients: karashi, salt, vegetable oil, starch, sorbitol, alum, cyclic oligosaccharides, spice extract, E415, vitamin C

JAN: 4902402280492

Data sheet

Taste Spicy
Size Familial
Difficulty of preparation Ready to use

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