IZUTSU YATSUHASHI - Nama-Yatsuhashi Cinnamon & Matcha x10


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Yatsuhashi is a typical Japanese sweet dessert from the city of Kyoto. This dessert is made from flattened and hardened glutinous rice paste (mochi) and then filled with anko (red bean paste). The flavours of the rice paste and anko may vary.

The Izutsu Yatsuhashi company specialises in the production of yatsuhashi.

Made in Japan.

IZUTSU YATSUHASHI - Nama-Yatsuhashi Cinnamon & Matcha x10

Ingredients: red bean paste, rice flour, sugar, soy flour, green soy flour, green tea, cinnamon bark powder (nikki), trehalose, colouring (gardenia and safflower), enzyme

JAN: 4958824002105

Data sheet

Taste Sweet
Size Medium
Difficulty of preparation Ready to use

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