NAKANO BC - Yuzu Umeshu 12% 1800mL


Yuzu, the fruit of the yuzu tree, is a fairly acidic citrus fruit from eastern Asia, mainly consumed in Japan. It can be picked green for its zest or yellow for its juice and zest. Yuzu is used in all its forms in many preparations.

Umshu, literally "plum alcohol", is a Japanese alcohol made from neutral alcohol flavoured by maceration of ume plums.

This plum wine with yuzu is made from Nanko plums from Wakayama and Japanese yuzu, a prefecture famous for its Japanese plums. It is recommended to drink it on the rocks or with a soda.

The Nakano Biochemical Creation brand is known for its Japanese spirits.

Ume plums and yuzu 100% Japanese. Made in Japan. 12% alcohol.

NAKANO BC - Yuzu Umeshu 12% 1800mL

Ingredients: ume plums, sugar, brewing alcohol, yuzu juice

JAN: 4904250205061

Data sheet

Size Familial
Difficulty of preparation Ready to use

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