S&B - Grated Wasabi 43g


The term "wasabi" is used to designate a plant native to Japan, as well as a pungent condiment, whose base is the grated root of the plant. Its flavor can be compared to that of mustard, of which it is the cousin. It is sold in tubes in all Japanese supermarkets, and is essential to the country's cuisine. It is used in particular for sushi and onigiri, with soy sauce. It is mixed with soy sauce when eating cold sobas and is also an excellent accompaniment for meat and salads.

The S&B brand is extremely popular for all its food products in Japan.

No coloring.

S&B - Grated Wasabi 43g

Ingredients: wasabi (mix of horseradish and wasabi), lactose, corn oil, salt, sorbit, cellulose, cyclic oligosaccharides, flavour, acidifier, E415

JAN: 4901002066550

Data sheet

Taste Spicy
Size Small
Difficulty of preparation Ready to use

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