KABOSU HONKE - Kabosu Ponzu 250mL



Kabosu is a Japanese citrus fruit found mainly in Oita Prefecture. It is harvested green in summer for its sour juice.

Ponzu (meaning "pon vinegar") is a citrus-based sauce used in Japanese cuisine. The citrus fruits used (usually sudachi, yuzu or kabosu) differ according to the ponzu. This sauce is used with fish dishes, grilled meats, dumplings, tofu (especially hot), mizutaki and other hot dishes to which ponzu gives a refreshing flavour.

The Kabosu Honke brand is extremely popular for its yuzu and kabosu products.

100% Japanese ingredients. Made in Japan. No preservatives.

KABOSU HONKE - Kabosu Ponzu 250mL

Ingredients: soy sauce, vinegar, kabosu juice, sugar, fermented rice seasoning, salt, kombu dashi, bonito dashi, alcohol, contains wheat and soy

JAN: 4982626832370

Data sheet

Taste Acidic
Size Small
Difficulty of preparation Ready to use

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