SOMIKAAN - Pudding-Jellies Peach/Chestnut/Khaki x5


Please note that this product has an expiry date of about 30 days. We therefore advise you to choose your mean of transport accordingly.

This box contains one persimmon pudding-jelly, two chestnut pudding-jellies and two peach pudding-jellies.

Puddings and jellies are particularly coveted desserts by the Japanese. Some are even considered luxury products. Their flavours are diverse and varied, ranging from sakura to sweet potato.

The Japanese company Somikaan is a major producer of puddings and jellies with a particularly elaborate and luxurious shape.

Made in Japan.

SOMIKAAN - Pudding-Jellies Peach/Chestnut/Khaki x5

Ingredients: sugar, reduced sugar syrup, food composed mainly of milk, peaches, sweetened condensed milk, chestnuts, persimmon, chestnut paste, persimmon puree, apple juice, skimmed milk powder, liqueur, agar, gelling agent (polysaccharide thickener), glycine, acidifier, flavouring, colour (caramel, paprika, gardenia, 106 red), emulsifier, processed starch, contains milk, eggs and soya

JAN: 4946535016009

Data sheet

Taste Sweet
Size Medium
Difficulty of preparation Ready to use

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