MARUMAN - Medium Spicy Miso 700g



Miso, an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine, is a thick fermented and salty paste full of protein. Its texture is similar to that of peanut butter. It is made from the following ingredients: soybeans, one or more grains (barley, wheat or rice), sea salt and kōji (ferment). Miso can be found in different colours in the shops, ranging from beige to dark brown. It is these colours (due to the fermentation time) and the grain used in the majority that define the categories of miso.

Miso is used as a condiment, but also as a base for broths or soups (including miso soup).

The Maruman brand is specialised in the production of miso.

100% Japanese ingredients. No additives. Made in Japan.

MARUMAN - Medium Spicy Miso 700g

Ingredients: rice, soya beans, salt, sake spirit

JAN: 4977858012256

Data sheet

Taste Salty
Size Familial
Difficulty of preparation Easy

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