KAWADA SEIMEN - Zaru Udon 450g (5 portions)



Zaru udon is a traditional Japanese dish of noodles at room temperature (rinsed in cold water after cooking) in a small, flat, woven basket so that they drain better. The noodles can also be placed more simply on a plate. They are not served directly in the broth (tsuyu), but beside it. They are then dipped in the tsuyu before being eaten.

The Kawada Seimen brand specialises in the production of quality udon noodles.

KAWADA SEIMEN - Zaru Udon 450g (5 portions)

Ingredients: wheat flour, salt

Preparation: cook the noodles in boiling water for 6 minutes 30 seconds, then switch to cold water so that the noodles are at room temperature (or even cold)

JAN: 4972012796324

Data sheet

Size Medium
Difficulty of preparation Easy

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