KEWPIE - Basil & Cheese Dressing 1L


This sauce is made with fresh basil, rich in flavor and full of aroma, and cheese. It goes well with sautéed seafood salads and meats such as chicken and cutlets. It can accompany both hot and cold dishes.

Kewpie is a brand particularly known for its sauces (mayonnaises, dressings, etc...).

Made in Japan.

KEWPIE - Basil & Cheese Dressing 1L

Ingredients: edible vegetable fats, vinegar, egg whites (egg whites, edible vegetable fats, sugar, glucose fructose), sugar, salt, lemon juice, seasoning (amino acids), cheese food, basil, egg yolk, E415, cheese products, garlic, egg protein hydrolysate, colorings (safflower yellow, gardenia), spices, flavourings, E960, spice extracts, contains soy

JAN: 4901577027345

Data sheet

Taste Salty
Size Familial
Difficulty of preparation Ready to use

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