AJINOMOTO - Dashi 600g (200g x 3)


Dashi is the basic broth of Japanese cuisine. It is used in many Japanese dishes (udon, soba, ramen, miso soup...) and is usually made from konbu seaweed and dried bonito flakes (but the ingredients and the recipe may vary). It is often found in powder form in the shops, but also in granules, in bags or even ready in bottles.

AJINOMOTO - Dashi 600g (200g x 3)

Ingredients: seasoning (amino acids etc.), salt, sugar (sugar, lactose), flavour (bonito powder, bonito extract), yeast extract, fermented wheat protein seasoning


  • Put 6g of dashi in a saucepan with 1000ml of water
  • Heat until boiling
  • Reduce heat to low and simmer for another 5 minutes

JAN: 4901001257997

Data sheet

Taste Salty
Texture Powder
Size Familial
Difficulty of preparation Easy

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