NISHIBE NORI - Makombu from Hokkaido 200g


Kombu is an edible Japanese seaweed. The seaweed is first carefully dried, then packaged and offered for sale. Makombu is a very high quality kombu and is also the most popular type of kombu, especially because it is longer and wider than other types of kombu. It is used to make excellent dashis for udon, nabe, soup and yudofu, among other things.

This makombu is carefully cultivated in the south-west of the island of Hokkaido.

The Nishibe Nori brand specialises in the production of seaweed-related food products.

100% Japanese seaweed. Made in Japan.

NISHIBE NORI - Makombu from Hokkaido 200g

Ingredients: makombu (Hokkaido)


  • Put 1L of water to heat, in which you will dip 20g of kombu rishiri
  • Remove the kombu just before boiling, your dashi is ready

Storage: keep in a dry environment once opened (don't worry if the seaweed is slightly covered with a white powder, this is normal)

JAN: 4513547013151

Data sheet

Taste Umami
Size Medium
Difficulty of preparation Normal

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